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Attorneys who understand the legal problems or desires of their clients within the context of the applicable laws have an improved relationship with their clients. While a client can read about the law...


Contextualized Knowledge

Technology is about leveraging the resources of time, effort and finances in a way that makes the lives of clients easier. Most clients expect technology that ensures that the work you do as a lawyer is accurate ...


Technologically Competent

Having access to an attorney is most important to our clients. We create such access by creating “office hours” and protocols about how we will engage clients located worldwide in different time zones...


Reasonably Accessible

Law Practice

government regulation of unfair methods of competition, and unfair or deceptive business acts or practices, including an amalgam of related legal matters like antitrust, commodity imports and exports, franchise, distribution, consumer protection and advertising...

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Trade Regulation Law

a body of legal rules governing the interaction between sovereign states (known as “public international law”), and the rights and duties of the citizens of sovereign states towards the citizens of other sovereign states (known as “private international law”)...

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International Law

the laws that dictate how to form, buy, manage and close or sell any type of business, and then how to govern them while they are in existence - available in the United States

Business Law

a broad group of laws that govern transactions between business entities (with the exception of the maritime transportation of goods), including all aspects of advertising and marketing, collections, bankruptcy, banking, contracts, negotiable instruments, collateral transactions...

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Commercial Law

body of laws regulating the rights, relations and conduct of various types of business, including investors, directors, officers, employees, creditors and other stakeholders (such as consumers, the community and the environment), and how they interact with one another - available in the United States

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Corporate Law

group of laws governing the personal and business ownership and use of land and the buildings on that land - available in the United States

Real Sstate Law

The technology used in legal representation:

  • legal client portal (dedicated file-sharing of legal documents, attorney-client communication, and client invoicing)
  • itemized client invoicing of legal services and legal expenses compatible with QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Zoho, Microsoft Excel and Sage Business
  • ease of invoice payment through LawPay, PayPal and iAccount
  • alternate file-sharing through Citrix, DropBox and Adobe Acrobat
  • international voice and data communications
  • communications encryption through Citrix and Nord
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